Last Day to be 8

I can’t believe it.  Tomorrow I will be 9!  It is my Last Day to Be 8.  Today is June the third!

We are going to the bowling alley for my birthday party.

p.s. Today is June 3rd 2009.  My birthday is June 4, 2009.  I redecorated my room as my birthday gift from my mom and dad.




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Poem by Cecily: Brothers



Some brothers are naughty.

Some brothers are nice.

Some brothers are both.

One of them is mine.

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Poem by Cecily: Fairy Light

Fairy Light is very bright.
I wish there were a lot.
I wonder if anyone thought.
Fairy Light is bright.

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Minnie is sometimes very naughty and cute.  She likes to be petted while she is eating her food.  She is the sister of my black cat, J.J.  Minnie is also related to a Siamese cat.

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Milky and Charlotte

Milky and Charlotte

Milky and Charlotte

This is Milky and Charlotte.   They were born Saturday, Feb. 28, 2009.  Their mom’s name is Ginger.    The white one is Milky and the brown one is Charlotte.  They are both very cute and cuddly.

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My cat J.J.

This is J.J.  He is related to a Siamese cat.  He is cute, loveable, and sometimes very naughty.  He likes to wait in the tree and try to catch birds at the bird feeder.  He never catches one, though.

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This is Fouke.  It is famous for the Fouke Monster.  I grew up here.  The mascot of our school is the panther.  It is a short drive to Texas and Louisiana from here.  When we go to town we usually go to Texas, and we always go to Louisiana to get our Christmas tree.

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The Funny Llama

This is a llama.  We saw it at the vet.  When I saw it, it was funny.

Our vet is a large animal vet.  His office is in a big red barn.  He was taking care of some llamas and a horse.  We took our two cats there a few days ago.  I will put up their pictures soon.

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Giant Fire Ant Mound

We have a giant fire ant mound near our pig pen.  It is big and cool.  I even got to poke it with a stick!  I saw it twice!  It was amazing!

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My Friend Strawberry

Hi, I’m Cecily.  This is Strawberry.  She is very special.  Her favorite color is pink.  I have had her a long time.  She is in my family.

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